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White paper

Building a Business Card Program in Today’s Digital-First Landscape

Digital transformation has become the buzz of the financial services industry ever since COVID-19 came on the scene. For many financial institutions (FIs), the rapid transformation to a digital-first mentality greatly impacted technology prioritization and business objectives.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are seeing a profound effect from this digital acceleration causing them to rethink their payment processes. While they turn to FIs to help support their efforts, they are looking for efficient, simple options to meet their needs. As emphasis on SMBs climbs, card programs can be a conduit to continued customer/member loyalty and growth for an FI.

Read our whitepaper to learn more about:
  • The key points for selecting a digital card program platform.
  • The top three attributes SMBs seek in card solutions.
  • Identifying how a card program needs to be structured and creating criteria for technology partner evaluation.
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